November Customer of the Month


This month we visit a classic Newbold rowhome tastefully converted to a ductless hyperheat system. Our customer wanted to make sure her new mini splits would be attractive, and guided us through her preferred locations to mount the units. We were happy to comply and have to admit she chose wisely.
november 5.jpg

She chose locations where the units could be used to compliment the layout of each room. In some rooms they’re framed by the layout of windows, and look as though they were naturally designed to be there.

november 6.jpg

Other rooms without as many windows still look great with the mini split units in unobtrusive and tasteful locations.
november 7.jpg

The workhorse of the system also rests out of site on the roof, saving valuable space a furnace would occupy in the basement. Our customer will also enjoy ductless cooling in the summer without sacrificing window space to heavy, inefficient and unsightly air conditioner units.

november 8.jpg

Our customer made a great choice in going ductless. They’re not only energy efficient but attractive too. We know she’ll love them for many years to come!

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