October Customer of the Month


This month we take you the stately neighborhood of Spruce Hill. Known for its grand homes and tree-lined streets, our customer's historic home  was in need of a lighting makeover to brighten up dim rooms and highlight it's beautiful features.

The staircase landing was dim and poorly lit. With the addition of recessed lighting the room is not only brighter and stairs safer, the lights are also positioned to draw attention to artwork hung along the wall

light before 1.1_blog.png


light after 1_blog.png


 The staircase itself is aglow with track lights installed to tastefully guide your path down the stairs while again accenting positions on the wall to hang artwork.

light before 4_blog.png


light after 6_blog.png


 Upstairs there were existing recessed lights but they were units using incandescent lights. Replaced with LED trims the room is brighter and more inviting, with the lights having a crisper appearance. LED trims also use 75% less electricity and there are no bulbs to replace!

light before 5_blog.png


light after 7_blog.png


A special thank you to our friends and customers in Spruce Hill for inviting us into your homes and allowing us to "spruce" up your lighting. To schedule your own lighting consultation, contact GEN3 today. Our friendly neighborhood home experts are always happy to brighten your day.

Don't forget to visit another of our favorite neighborhoods Passyunk Square, tomorrow October 29th, for the Passyunk Square Civic Association's 2016 Home Show.

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