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Oven Safety Tips For The Holidays

How To Use An Oven Safely

What’s one major kitchen appliance that gets lots of extra use during the holiday season? You guessed it — the oven. While they certainly make preparing food a heck of a lot easier, they can become major hazards if you’re not careful. See below to find out five safety tips you should never neglect when it comes to using your oven to cook up a festive feast.

1 – Never Leave Cooking Unattended

It may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how often you probably take your eye off of the food in the oven, or even leave the room while food is heating up. It’s vital to make sure an adult is in the kitchen at all times and is actively checking on the oven while it’s being used.

2 – Clean It Before Turning It On

Crumbs, grease, dust and other residue are extremely flammable, especially when exposed to heat from the oven. Be sure to wipe down both the inside and the outside BEFORE you turn the appliance on.

3 – Never Line The Bottom With Foil

It may seem like a good idea to be able to catch drippings and grease before it hits the bottom of the appliance, but in reality, this can hinder proper air flow and cause carbon monoxide buildup. Not to mention it can cause general damage to the oven.

4 – Protect Your Body

Before you begin cooking, it’s a good idea to tie back long hair, roll up long or loose sleeves and remove jewelry. Failure to do any of these could lead to serious injury or damage.

5 – Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy

Although we never expect there to be any serious issues, it’s wise to keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case. Remember, never throw water on a grease fire as it could cause the flames to spread. 

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