PECO Energy Assessments & Audits

Energy efficiency is the way of the future, regardless what some in the fossil fuel industry may have you believe. Even most of said companies can’t help but acknowledge it’s necessary and not simply a trend, whether to their satisfaction or chagrin. Going green is a good thing.


In your own efforts at efficiency and being greener with your energy consumption, did you know our own local Electric Utility, PECO, offers assessments and audits of your home to maximize the electrical efficiency of your home? Based on your monthly income it may even be free, and who can turn down free? Especially when it leads to both monetary savings to you and carbon savings to our environment!

Even if you don’t qualify for a free assessment the fee is low and includes some pretty cool freebies like energy efficient light bulbs and smart power strips. Most of us are pretty well versed in the former by now, but the latter is pretty cool too. In a nutshell it’s a power strip that were you to plug your computer into the smart outlet on the strip and all you associated peripherals into the remaining outlets, it will cut all power to your printers, scanners, external drives etc. when it detects your computer isn’t pulling power. A super easy and handy way to avoid all those extra pieces of hardware from ambiently pulling power when they aren’t in use without needing to unplug them.

For those willing to spend a little more PECO also offers a full audit, which includes rebates for work electricians such as GEN3 performs to improve your home electrical system’s efficiency! So, check out PECO’s energy saving tips and assessment programs here.

They’ll help you find areas of your home’s electrical system that can benefit from modernization that your Friendly Neighborhood Home Expert from GEN3 can help make a reality. Give GEN3 a call or book an appointment online anytime we can be of assistance, including with our own electrical safety inspection or a consultation to modernize your home.

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