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At GEN3 Electric, we apply for lots of permits and schedule just as many inspections. Our office stays quite busy with this process. This process is designed to protect you, the homeowner, and your loved ones. A handyman in a van may give you a really cheap price and assure you that he knows what he is doing, but don’t take a chance with your family’s safety. GEN3 electricians save lives almost every day. We find dangerous and improperly done wiring in our customers’ homes and remedy the situation right away. We apply for permits when required, not just because we should, but because we are protecting our customers and ourselves. Permitted work must be inspected by a third party inspection company and a final inspection approval is issued. This allows us to close out the permit with the municipality and also assures the homeowners that the work was done properly and is up to code standards. When it comes to your electrical system, you can’t afford not to have it done professionally. Shoddy electrical work is dangerous. 

The permit process is your insurance and assurance that your home is safely rewired. It will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers who can review your permit and inspection and feel confident that the electrical system is safe and up to code. 

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