Pet-Centric Smart Home Devices

Remember The Jetsons? Their home, along with Astro’s feeder and treadmill were all fully automated. You thought that was the stuff of science fiction, right – (we’re also talking Rover’s dog door, feeders, and fencing)? Well today, a house that’s equipped with smart features is more the norm.

So, what are we getting at? Today, a smart home isn’t just about lighting and thermostats. There are plenty of pet-centric smart devices out there that will make life easier for both you and your pet.

A More Humane Way To Keep Track Of Your Dog

Gone are the days of the bulky shock collar that only controlled the fencing around the perimeter of the home. Smart collars today are streamlined and use activity tracking and sensing technology to manage your pet’s surroundings.

This pet monitoring system will give you peace of mind as it produces an invisible leash. It utilizes a theory called Geofencing to set precise boundaries both inside and out.

A Smarter Way To Eat

In addition to smart collars, there a number of  smart feeders on the market that provide your dog with sustenance while you’re out for an extended period – perfect for long days at the office or extended vacations.

Having the ability to monitor your dog’s feedings remotely, according to real-time activities, is a game changer in the daily life of a dog owner. Some smart collar systems even track the calories burned according to factors like age, breed, and weight.

Additional Features

There’s more to it than just a fence and a smarter way to feed. Some smart collars can monitor your dog’s temperature as well as barking patterns.

These systems also allow you to visually check in on your canine anytime via HD video streaming. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, more high tech gadgets for pets are on the horizon such as smart doors, smart water dishes, and treat cams.

You love your pet and now it’s time to treat them to some of these smart home devices so they can experience the lavish life you’re getting accustomed to!