Power Outage Safety Tips


Did you know that the Atlantic Hurricane season ranges from early June through late November? Each year, we average about 6 hurricanes here in the United States, three of which are categorized as “major.” If you can recall Hurricane Sandy a few years back, this major storm left over 8.5 million people without power - the highest outage total ever.

While most major storms are difficult to predict, we can just about guarantee that our area will be hit with some severe rains and gusty winds at some point this summer. Here’s how you can stay safe if a storm wipes out power in the Philadelphia area this season:

  1. Unplug your electronic devices. While we do recommend leaving one gadget plugged in so you know when power is restored, having them all plugged in can result in a surge.
  2. Use flashlights as a source of light instead of candles. Candles can be a fire hazard, especially if left unattended.
  3. Using a portable generator? Never turn it on in an enclosed area, including garages and sheds.
  4. Keep refrigerator doors closed. Frequent opening can cause your food to spoil.
  5. If you must venture out, never touch a fallen power line or drive through standing water if a power line is down nearby. Report downed lines to local authorities right away.

Electrical safety is not something to take lightly. It’s vital to exercise extreme caution in the event of a power outage and any time you’re dealing with electricity for that matter.

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About The Author

Bill earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and Architecture, then founded Generation 3 Electric in 2000. His father, an electrician, was his inspiration. These days, Bill actively manages his company and enjoys focusing on new technology and marketing.