Power Service Equipment: Who Pays for What?


PECO.jpgEver wonder who pays to replace the electrical service equipment that delivers power into your home? You know that you are responsible for your interior wiring, but the outside lines and equipment too?

Well, many homeowners are surprised to find out that the service cable blown down by a storm is their responsibility to have repaired by a licensed electrician. In the Philadelphia area, PECO clarifies it below. See the photo above as well.

  1. PECO - Electrical Service Wire coming from PECO’s system (overhead or underground)
  2. Customer - Attachment (the point where PECO equipment attaches to customer property)
  3. Customer - Weather Head and wire drip loop (the weather resistant entry point for customer wires going to the meter box)
  4. Customer - Riser/Raceway (the conduit that physically protects wires going to the meter box)
  5. Customer - Meter Enclosure/Box (contains and safely secures the electric meter)
  6. PECO - Meter (measures the amount of electricity used by the customer)

Residential Overhead Services

PECO will reinstall the customer's overhead service drop to the original point of attachment of the building. The customer is responsible for any repair to their service entrance cable(Line side and load side)

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