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You are scheduled to have your home's wiring upgraded to modern safety standards.GEN3 Electric's install team does this all day, every day. You chose the right company for this project. Most rewires, whether full or partial, take anywhere from one week to five weeks for the install team to complete. Each day, the lead electrician and his assistant(s) will arrive between 8 and 9 a.m. and work until around 4 p.m. Earlier arrival can be arranged if that works for a particular homeowner, especially if the home is vacant.

Most homeowners provide GEN3 with a key to the home in advance, or on the first day of the rewire during the walk through with their lead technician. We try to make this large project as comfortable as possible for our clients. The only thing you really should do beforehand is gather and pack away any fragile items in your home that can be easily knocked over and damaged. Your technicians will take care of covering your furniture and floors to help protect them from damage and also to contain some of the dust. Oh...and there will be dust! The technicians will make small holes in your drywall to feed the new wiring for your outlets, switches and fixtures. They will patch these holes within 1/8 inch when they are finished, but you will need to possibly sand and definately touch up and paint.

If you plan to have your painter come when the rewiring is complete, leave a few business days in between in case your rewire needs an extra day or two, just to be safe. Sometimes, we may need to leave a hole or two unpatched so the 3rd party inspection company can check the wiring. We will send someone back to take care of any loose ends after the inspection.

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