Gen3 Electric's Featured Electrician of the Month for January is... Josh Trisdorfer

Don't be fooled by the adorable smile and super young- looking face, Josh is quite the electrician and has many years experience and tons of whole house rewires under his belt! His customer reviews are outstanding and he is a bit of a pefectionist. Josh went to school at Thompson Institute (now Kaplan) to start his career as an Electrician. After he completed his schooling, he worked with another electrical contractor for just under a year. He applied at Generation 3 Electric back in 2012 and the rest is history. Our Managing Director(and owner), Debbie Lutz, is proud to say that Josh was her very first hire here at Generation 3 Electric. Josh was hired as an electrician and impressed the Gen3 management, staff and customers daily. He excelled and was promoted to Lead Electrician after one year. 
His prior sales experience and awesome down-to-earth personality make him a customer favorite. He has quite a large collection of fabulous customer reviews.
I asked Josh what he loved most about being a Lead Electrician here at Generation 3 Electric:
"I was so grateful that Gen3 gave me a chance. I worked really hard and was promoted so quickly. I really love to rewire homes for families. I spend between 2 and 3 weeks in someone's home on average and get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I am making their home safe. I am a very honest person and I wear my feelings on my sleeve. When I do the final walk through, and hand the keys back to the homeowner and their family, this is my favorite part of my job as a residential electrician. I have answered all of their questions and educated them on the basics of their home's electrical system. I have a family too, so this is extremely important to me. 
 My career as a Gen3 electrician is both rewarding and fulfilling. My family is my heart though. When I am not working, I am home with my wife and daughter, and our dog. I love music and I married a music teacher so you can imagine the fun we have in my home. Olivia is 1 1/2 and she is the light of our lives. The two of them are the reason I go to work every day and the reason I can't wait to get home!"
Josh feels successful after rewiring a customer's home only if he has put the family at ease by addressing all of their concerns. The management and staff at Gen3 love and appreciate Josh. He is a respected and valued member of the Generation 3 Electric family. Thank you Josh for all that you do!
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