Safety Tips For Working With Electrical Equipment

Consider yourself a DIYer? Do you find yourself dreaming about new projects on a daily basis? Do you tend to “fix” things even when they aren’t broken? We know just how you feel, and at GEN3, a lot of us are the same way! However, when it comes to working with electrical equipment and components it’s not always best to tackle things on your own. There’s a lot of room for error and there are serious consequences if you’re not extremely careful. See below for a few key safety tips for working with electrical systems, below:

DIY Electrical Safety Tips

  • Removing a plug from an outlet? Always pull the plug itself, not the wire or the appliance cord. Not only can pulling the cord break the wires inside, it can cause the circuit to short out or it can cause electrical shock.

  • Installing a new appliance or electrical device in a living room or bedroom? Never run the wire under a carpet or through a doorway. Cords can heat up excessively under a carpet which can cause a fire and running wires through doorways can be a hazard for a number of different reasons.

  • Replacing a light bulb in a lamp or other electrical fixture? Be sure to match the wattage or lumen rating to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

  • Working on something in a wet or damp area of the house or yard? We recommend utilizing a portable GFCI outlet if a permanent one is not installed nearby.

  • Need to plug in an additional device? Refrain from overloading a power strip by plugging in too many wires at once. It’s also a good idea to use an electrical strip with a built-in circuit breaker just in case of an overload.

Aside from very minor electrical projects, we suggest leaving this type of work to the pros. At GEN3 Electric & HVAC, we have been servicing the electrical needs of the Philadelphia metro area and surrounding suburbs for two decades. Our highly skilled electricians are trained to provide any electrical updates your home may need. Call us today at 215-512-4102.