Save BIG With Electrical Timers


There’s no better target for a burglar than an empty home because a family is on vacation. And if you’re planning on heading out of town for a late winter getaway, your house could be at risk. So, how can you fight back even while you’re hundreds of miles away? Electrical timers can act as your first line of defense.

What is an Electrical Timer?

A time switch, or electrical timer, is a timer that controls an electric switch with a timing mechanism. For example, timers give you the capability to have your lights stay on for a given amount of time and then they’ll automatically turn off once that amount of time has expired. They are great energy-saving devices that can also keep your home protected from potential intruders.

Benefits of Timers

Convenience: electrical timers make certain tasks a breeze. They automatically control electronic devices so that you don’t have to worry about turning off the switch.

Safety: let’s face it, most burglars target empty homes. They don’t want to deal with a house full of people when they have a better chance of getting away with your possessions while nobody’s home. Timer switches allow you to preset times for the lights to come on and off so you can create the illusion that somebody is home.

Efficiency: if you’re the type of person who often forgets to turn the lights and electrical devices off once you’re finished with them, timers are the perfect solution for you. There’s no need to keep them on while nobody is in the room and quite frankly, it’s a waste of money.

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