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Shockingly Bad Kitty

Written by Walter Morgynski | Apr 21, 2017 1:40:00 PM

All cats are bad; it’s the feline raison d’etre. Even Marty and Remmy will own up to it, it’s fun being naughty. However there’s a difference between bad and stupid.

Take this for example; we had a customer call because their cat urinated on a power outlet! Sounds like gross messy situation, but they were right to call us. Our electrician was a bit taken aback at the damage Mr. Mittens had done. When we heard “peed on the outlet” we figured the cat had mad a real mess of the outlet and they just wanted it replaced.

Nope, when their cat “peed on the outlet” he basically must have taken aim to pee into the outlet. Check out the damage he caused shorting it out!


The cat in question was hiding in shame/fear when we arrived, but the homeowners said he was fine if a bit shocked. This cat is lucky to be alive after that dumb move and can scratch one of those 9 lives off.

We love our pets like children, and they can be just as charmingly foolish and naive as young children. There are plenty of tips online for curbing bad cat habits like peeing in unwanted places (power outlets) but not much else GEN3 can do to help prevent that kind of behavior. We can however fix what broke, and if you have human children, install childproof outlets before little Jimmy even considers it might be fun to jam something in an outlet. Call your friendly neighborhood home experts today to protect your human kids in advance and/or fix what your 4-legged kid already did.