Whirling Dervish


Do you have an older ceiling fan that looks possessed? Its wobbles or starts swinging around on its mount if you turn it up any faster than low, or sometimes on at all? It’s not just drafty Halloween ghouls haunting your fan, and you’re not alone. GEN3 can help!


A wobbly ceiling fan can be the result of several factors. The fan itself may just be in its retirement years, wearing out and not what it used to be. We can all relate J It may also be a loose or inappropriate ceiling box installation. The box the fan itself mounts into that’s embedded in your ceiling may not be fan-rated, or perhaps wasn’t installed correctly by a professional.

Even brand new fans can wobble with a perfectly good fan-rated box mounted in your ceiling if the blades themselves aren’t balanced properly when assembled.


Our friendly neighborhood electricians replace and install ceiling fans on a near daily basis with years of experience. In a city of older homes, often with limited windows and ventilation in row-homes, ceiling fans are a must-have item in every bedroom and common room.

GEN3 also partners with Wayfair.com to offer an extended warranty on fans we purchase through their site. We warranty all work we perform for 1 year. If you have us install a beautiful new fan you purchased on your own, we’re happy to do so and warranty our installation for a year. However, should the unit itself fail, that is out of our control. Choose a fan from Wayfair.com and let us order it through our business account with them and GEN3 extends our 1 year warranty to the fan unit itself too!


Check out some of the fans Wayfair.com offers. They have a great selection ranging from classic looking to modern in a variety of sizes, and ship very rapidly to our office!


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