Springtime Electrical Safety Check-Up

Spring is the perfect time to get your teeth cleaned, schedule a wellness checkup with your doctor and have the oil changed in your vehicle. It’s also a great time to give your home an electrical safety inspection to make sure the system is free of hazards and other potential problems. See below for a checklist of what you or your electrician should be looking for:

melted outlet.jpg

  1. Are your outlets and switches working properly? Why is this important? Malfunctioning switches or outlets can mean your wiring is unsafe which could potentially lead to a fire.

  2. Do any of your outlets or switches feel warm? Why is this important? If you notice they are warm to the touch, this is another red flag that indicates you likely have an issue with your wiring. Stop using them right away and have them checked by a pro.

  3. Have you noticed discolored switches or outlets? Why is this important? Discoloration means there is a dangerous heat buildup at the connections. Paying them no mind can lead to melting or worse, a fire.

  4. Hear crackling, buzzing or sizzling sounds? Why is this important? These noises usually signal unsafe wiring or a loose electrical connection.

When it comes to your family, GEN3 Electric understands that safety and well-being is top priority. That is why we encourage all Philadelphia residents to have their electrical wiring and panels routinely checked in order to prevent electrical fire, power outages, and electrical inefficiencies. Call us today at 215-512-4102 to schedule an appointment!