Turbulent Weather and Damaged Power Lines


While the last week has been freakishly warm for February it wasn't long ago that Philly, along with most of the Northeastern Seaboard was wracked with violent winds and heavy rain about a month ago. One of the benefits of Philadelphia area’s penchant for brick homes is very little structural damage occurs in storms like these. The downside is most of us rely on raised electrical lines run on poles, which can at times take severe damage from storms like these.

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We got a number of calls durring and after that last storm, from downed trees that damaged power lines (you’ll want to call PECO first for this kind of damage) and the resultant damage to the home’s service cable. The service cable is the line that runs up the vertical length of your home to the point it connects with PECO’s lines. PECO takes responsibility for the overhead power lines up and to the point they make contact with you home. Beyond that, the Service Cable is the homeowner’s responsibility. Unfortunately, with the destructive nature of such storms, the sheer force of the overhead lines being pulled down can also damage your home’s independent service cable, in some cases actually pulling it right off the exterior wall!

Our experienced technicians can normally repair an issue like this within a matter of hours. So remember, in the event of a bad storm you should always contact your utility first to see if the repairs are neighborhood-wide and hopefully their responsibility. If it turns out the repairs are unfortunately your own responsibility to cover, GEN3 can not only professionally make and warranty the repairs but is often even recommended by and can coordinate with PECO themselves!

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