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Stove Safety Tips For The Holidays

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How To Use A Stove Safely

If you’re hosting the holidays this year and plan on cooking up a storm, chances are your stove is going to be a real workhorse over the next few weeks. Even Michelin star chefs make mistakes and cause hazards in the kitchen at times, so just know that nobody is invincible. When it comes to using the stove, do you really know how to use it safely? Make sure you’re following the safety tips below to ensure you have a very merry holiday season:

1 – Make Sure The Stove Is Secure

Most stoves come with an anti-tip bracket, but most homeowners throw them out or toss them aside and forget about them. This bracket has a purpose — to keep the appliance secured — and it’s especially useful if you have small children or curious pets. We suggest digging it out and installing it before you get to preparing this holiday season.

2 – Use The Right Size Pots & Pans

Believe it or not, different burners on the stove are designed for different sizes of pots and pans. Pots or pans that are too large for the burner may not heat evenly, while ones that are too small could allow the flames to shoot out from all sides.

3 – Use The Back Burners

They may not be as easily accessible as the front burners, but they’re much safer to use. Why? Well, they’re further away from kids and pets and they’re further from the edge so they’re less likely to get knocked into or knocked over. 

4 – Don’t Heat Empty Pans

Sure, some recipes call for a hot pan before any food is put in, but make sure to keep a close eye on these. More importantly, don’t leave empty pots or pans on the burners as they could fool others into thinking they’re cool to the touch.

5 – Turn Handles Inward

Pot and pan handles facing outward are much more likely to get in the way than those facing inward. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if your elbow accidentally knocks over a hot pot of gravy or sauce and ruins the whole, or part of, the meal.

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