Don't Leave Your Major Appliances Vulnerable. Surge to Their Protection!


Whole-home surge protectors offer peace of mind and protection for your valuable major appliances, and pay for themselves in the event of a power surge.

Nearly everyone plugs valuable electronics like computers into a power strip with surge protection. For a nominal cost you’re protecting sensitive and expensive electronics. Power strip surge protectors are great for this and have saved many a computer. However, it’s easy to forget about the other valuable appliances plugged in, many of which cannot be used with a power strip due to their specialized appliance outlets. In the event of a major power surge it’s not just computers at risk. Imagine having to replace your refrigerator, clothes dryer, dishwasher, microwave, dishwasher and more. The cost adds up very quickly.


Whole-home surge protectors offer protection to every electric appliance in your home, at the level the electrical panel for your entire house. GEN3 feels so strongly about surge protection that we now include basic surge protection with all new electrical services we install. We think it should be a minimum standard moving forward.

Surge protection can also be added to existing electrical panels at a low cost, should you have already recently had your panel replaced. Don’t wait until it’s too late, give us a call today to schedule a free appointment with one of our technicians to go over your options to add surge protection to your entire home.

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