Take On Everything Winter Has To Offer With Hyper-Heating


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Grab another blanket. Throw on another layer. Put on a winter hat and gloves. You’ve probably heard friends and family members recommend all of these options when you’ve stated that it was chilly inside your home during the wintertime. Why is the house so cold, you ask? The better question is, why should you have to make all of these sacrifices? Why not be comfortable in your own home without having to worry about astronomically high energy bills?

When winter comes roaring into town bringing frigid temperatures with it, sometimes your primary heating source isn’t enough to keep you comfortable. And if it is, it’s often a result of raising the temperature a few degrees which can be very costly. So, how can you stay warm without racking up fees? The answer is simple - hyper-heat.

With Hyper-Heating INVERTER technology from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, the enhanced compressor system will deliver heat all the way down to -13°F. This means that when the weather outside is unbearable, you’ll warm and toasty inside.

Not only is a hyper-heating system convenient, it can usually be installed in about a day and doesn’t require any messy ductwork, some users see energy reductions upwards of 50%. On top of that, you may also qualify for tax rebates and incentives - what more could you ask for?

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