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The 4-Step Guide To Draining Your Water Heater

Be honest, when was the last time you flushed out your water heater? If it has been a long time, you may want to consider draining the fluid. It may not seem like it, but keeping up with your water heater maintenance is the best way to double its lifespan! Keep these steps in mind and make sure to repeat them annually.

Step One: Sediment Study

If you haven’t drained your water heater in a while, you may be surprised to find sediment build up in there. It can be quite the scary sight! The material can clog up the drain valve and cause a leak. Regular maintenance and draining will help prevent this and keep your water heater in tip-top shape. Get started on flushing the machine right away!

Step Two: Drain the Water

Before you get started, make sure you shut off the electric or gas connected to the machine. Open the water faucet and turn on the hot water valve, letting it run for about ten minutes. This will lower the temperature and allow for safer handling. You can let the water and sediment from the tank drain directly into a bucket.

Another option? If you have a floor drain located in the vicinity of the unit, run a garden hose through the drain valve, directing it toward the floor drain. 

Step Three: Replace Old Drain Valve

The process of letting sediment run through the valves can cause breaking and clogging. You may need to invest in a new drain valve to ensure there won’t be any issues. You just have to unscrew and get rid of the valve, replacing with a new one. If it breaks, a licensed professional can help you with the rest of this process. 

Step Four: Remove Any Remaining Sediment

It’s important that there’s no leftover sediment inside your water heater. You want to start fresh and new! You may need to let out a few short blasts of the cold water valve to push it out more. If that doesn’t work, try vacuuming it with a barbed fitting and 1/2-inch vinyl tube. If you feel this might not be a project for you, call in the experts to take over!

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