The Beginner's Guide To Buying Alternative Fuel Vehicles


Giving up on gas? As we move toward a “greener” climate and people all across the country are being more conscious about the environment, fuel is one of the major topics that comes to mind. Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of options out there when it comes to alternative sources of fuel and electricity is just one of the many.

alternative fuel vehicle.jpg

Whether your lease is coming to an end or it’s simply time to get rid of that old clunker, consider fuel efficiency and alternative fuel sources while shopping around. Here are a few tips and tools you can use to ensure you’re making the smartest decision:

  • If you spend most of your time driving around the city, a smaller hybrid vehicle might be your best bet. Just think about how much easier it would be to park a smaller car.

  • Need a vehicle capable of towing heavy loads? Look for a truck that runs on clean diesel - they’re more powerful and 30%-35% more efficient than gasoline engines.

  • Fuel-efficient, hybrid electric or other alternative fuel vehicles can save you hundreds of dollars per year in fuel costs while helping the environment at the same time.

  • Thinking about going with an all-electric vehicle? It’s not a bad idea, especially now that charging stations are increasingly available throughout the country.

  • There are plenty of tools available that allow you to compare options, find vehicles based on fuel efficiency and help you determine the lifetime costs of the vehicles you’re considering. Spend some time doing research before making a final decision.

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