The Future of Air Conditioning


Imagine a world where instead of an air conditioner consuming lots of energy to keep your home comfortable, it actually created its own electricity. Well, a startup company is working on a device that does just that. Learn more about the new wave of air conditioning below:


While companies across the globe have been working on creating more energy efficient products year after year, a Florida startup called Be Power Tech is doing things just a little bit differently. Not only does their air conditioner run on natural gas, it utilizes evaporative cooling and waste heat utilization.

Most air conditioning systems operate by compressing a refrigerant until it transforms from a gas into a liquid. Then liquid refrigerant is pumped into the evaporator which sucks heat from the building and turns the liquid back into a gas. This whole process requires lots of electricity to keep your home comfortable.

Instead of the conventional process, Be Power Tech’s system performs the cooling process by evaporating water rather than a refrigerant. While this is taking place, the system uses the waste heat produced by a natural gas fuel cell to evaporate water from the liquid and charge dry desiccant which is stored in a tank until it’s needed. The result? A heat source that makes some electricity and keeps it stored on the side.

At GEN3 Electric, we’re always interested in hearing about the latest and greatest inventions in the hvac and electrical industries and we’re surely looking forward to hearing more about this system!

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