The Mouse Ate My Wiring!


Rodents can be a real hazard to your home's electrical system. Earlier this month, one of our electricians went on an emergency appointment regarding half the home's power going off for 30 minutes, then coming back on. His findings were " My apologies for your unfortunate situation. I found there are some wires that were chewed through by rodents. With some of the lines, the damage is visible and the rest are compromised somewhere in the walls and or ceilings."

The picture above shows the visible chewed wires, but there is usually more damage inside your walls. This can compromise your electrical system, put you and your family in danger and cost thousands to rewire. If you see rodents in your home, call a good exterminator before they do extensive damage to your home and even put you in danger. In the picture below, look closely at the lower right.

The outlet below stopped working, I am sure you can figure out why!

Give Gen3 a call should you notice any chewed electrical wiring. We will make your home safe again. Don't forget to call a professional exterminator too!

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