'Tis The Season For Christmas Tree Safety



Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree… We’re sure you’ve all heard the classic holiday tune. And now that the season is among us, it’s time to remind you all about Christmas tree safety. After all, it wouldn’t be such a happy holiday season if your tree went up in flames. Here’s what you need to know in order to enjoy the holiday staple all season long:

Holiday Light Safety:

  • Before wrapping lights around the tree, check for strings with worn or broken bulbs.
  • Only purchase lights that have been tested and approved by a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Never connect more than three strands of lights together.
  • Turn off all lights before you go leave the house or go to sleep.

General Christmas Tree Safety:

  • If you purchase a live tree, be sure to give it a fresh cut at the base. This will help the tree absorb more water, preventing it from drying out.
  • For artificial trees, look for a “fire resistant” label.
  • Be sure to place the three at least three feet away from all heat sources. Candles, fireplaces and heat vents can all cause the tree to catch fire.
  • When the tree starts to dry out and it loses lots of needles, get rid of it. Dry trees have a higher likelihood of catching fire.
Keeping these tips in mind as we go through the holiday season should ensure a happy and safe December. And remember, when you need electrical service in Philadelphia or the surrounding neighborhoods, give the friendly electricians at GEN3 Electric a call.

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