Treat Yourself to Recess(ed)


A great and simple way to add more light to a room and give it a modern, more spacious look and feel is to add recessed lighting. With the kids back in school, you deserve to treat yourself to some recess(ed lighting)!


Recessed lighting can make a room feel larger and more open by providing even lighting throughout the room, eliminating dark corners. Depending on the room in question and your own taste, recessed lighting can also be used effectively for the opposite and provide accent lighting, highlighting great features while adding more layers of depth to the room.


Schedule a free lighting consultation from one of our friendly neighborhood electricians and we’ll walk you through implementing your own great ideas as well as provide some ideas of our own if you’d like an outside opinion on how to really bring out the best of your home’s features through improved lighting. We can go over your options for traditional evenly spaced lights that take standard bulbs or the very cool LED trim feature (never replace a bulb again!), to directional lighting to show off that beautiful artwork mounted on your walls.

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