Understanding the Philadelphia Permit Process

One of the things that makes GEN3 stand out from other companies is the fact that we are licensed and insured in Pennsylvania, as well as hold a Master Electrician’s license in Philadelphia.   

A lot of different contractors will say this, it’s even frequently displayed on their vans, but what does this really mean for homeowners?

This gives us the ability to pull permits for jobs required by the Department of Licenses & Inspection, which is more than you may think. In fact, over the past 4 years, GEN3 has applied for over 600 permits.

Electrical permits ensure that electrical installations and repairs are performed by licensed personnel with current tax clearances and insurance certificates, and that the work complies with City and State Codes. Included in the permit process is an inspection of the completed work. This inspection is performed by electrical inspectors who are nationally certified, as well as registered with the State of Pennsylvania.

The cost of permits starts at $250, with the final fee depending on the scope of the work. Therefore, GEN3 requires a 30% deposit to book your job and get the permit process started. The cost of the inspection is included in the permit fees you pay up front.

Permits and the final inspection will be issued in the name of the property owner on record with the city. The City of Philadelphia processes property ownership changes somewhat slowly. Because of this, if you have recently purchased your property, these documents may be issued in the previous owner’s name. The permit and inspection are associated with the property, not the individual owner. This means that these documents are valid for you, and should you choose to sell the property, they will be equally valid for the future owners. 


If you’re considering having significant electrical projects completed in your home, it’s important to work with a company familiar with the permit process.

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