Wall Wart Remover


Do you find yourself getting tired of the endless number of power adapters required to charge all your USB devices. They’re nicknamed “wall warts” for good reason; they’re an ugly blemish (and easily removed).


They’re not just ugly. Depending on the shape of your particular adapter it may block other devises from sharing the same outlet.


With the prevalence of USB to charge nearly anything these days, why not cut out the middleman and plug your USB cord directly into your wall! USB outlets available on the market today offer a wide variety of options, from 4 or 5 dedicated USB ports to power your devices to a shared outlet of 2 USB ports in addition to 2 standard 3-prong grounded power outlets.

usb_outlet_1.jpg usb_outlet_2.jpg


A perfect addition to any home office, living room or even kitchens and bedrooms (nearly everything we carry around requires a charger and they're only becoming more prevalent). So save yourself the hassle of hunting down the power adapter that came with your phone, tablet, camera or other high-tech gear. Simply plug your USB or Lightning power cord directly into the wall!

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