What is a Flying Splice?


I bet you think it is some sort of circus act, or maybe a flying insect. Nope. It is actually an electrical term used to describe wiring that has been capped off, but left open, not enclosed in a metal junction box.It is important to enclose these wires to protect you in the event a spark occurs. Inside a junction box, a spark could not ignite into flames. But without that extra level of protection, a flying splice could spark and possibly cause a fire in your home.

Below are 2 photos. The first is of a potentially dangerous flying splice with no junction box cover. The second is after we had our electrician fix the problem and make the world safer, one house at a time.



If you see any wiring around your home as pictured above, give us a call. We clean up wiring every day and make sure that all live wires are properly tied off and covered with junction boxes.

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