What is a High Performance Ceiling Fan?

Just not getting enough breeze or air circulation from your current ceiling fan? It may be time to upgrade! Ceiling fans come in all different shapes and sizes and the “bigger is better” philosophy has been quite common as of late. So, if yours isn’t getting the job done, you may want to consider a high performance ceiling fan.

Why Choose a High Performance Fan?

Let’s face it – sometimes ceiling fans just aren’t enough to keep a room feeling cool and comfortable, or to keep the air circulating at an acceptable rate. When that happens, it can cause a variety of problems whether it’s inside a home, on a porch or inside a sunroom, or in a warehouse or office environment.

For that reason, high performance ceiling fans came to fruition. They often offer larger fan blades, higher speeds and larger motors so they can excel where other fans drop off.

But with all of that said, it’s very important to consider the size of the room or space when shopping for a ceiling fan. Why? Well, if there isn’t enough room for the blades to work effectively, a vacuum effect could be created and that could actually cause an even more severe lack of circulation.

General Fan Size Guidelines

  • 29 – 36” – Rooms up to 75 square feet
  • 36 – 42” – Rooms up to 144 square feet
  • 44” – Rooms up to 225 square feet
  • 50 – 54” – Rooms up to 400 square feet

High Performance Fan Size Guidelines

  • 60 – 65” – Rooms up to 225 square feet
  • 65 – 80” – Rooms up to 400 square feet
  • 80 – 84” – Rooms up to 500 square feet
  • 84 – 99” – Rooms larger than 500 square feet

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