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On the first day of your rewire, your lead electrician will walk through your home with you and discuss the rewiring plan the team will follow. He will let you know where they will start and also verify the placement of outlets, switches and light fixtures. He will answer all of your questions too.

The technicians will take great care to cover your furniture and floors with drop cloths, which protect against damage and help contain the dust. There will be quite a lot of dust as they will be making many small holes in the drywall to feed the new wiring for circuits, switches, outlets and fixtures.

Living in your home during a rewire can be a bit challenging, but GEN3 technicians do this every day and are trained to make this process as painless as possible for our clients. They will even keep a close eye on your pets for you. They have pets too and they are very careful to look out for your furry family members.

Partial and full rewires can take from one week to five weeks on average so you will likely get to know your team if you will be home for all or part of the work day. Each day before they leave, the technicians will remove the drop cloths and as much dust as possible. They will clean up after themselves daily. On the last day of the rewire, the team will do a thorough sweep, vacuum and/or swiffer of the work areas and leave your home as clean as possible. You should expect to see some dust around your house though. See the photos above for during and after shots of some of our home rewires.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave one or two small holes unpatched for the inspector. He will be inspecting our work to verify that all the wiring was done properly and up to current code standards. If necessary, we will send a technician back after the inspection to take care of any wrap-up items.

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