What’s Lurking In Your Electrical Panel?


Ever wonder what’s behind the scenes in your electrical panel. The truth can be scary. It should go without saying that only a licensed electrician should ever remove the cover from your electrical panel. Never try this at home yourself as there’s rick of electric shock, especially in a nightmare of a panel like this one.


It’s not only a confusing mess it’s dangerous. Clutter like that can hide signs of real damage like burned wires.


Panels have a finite life, and should be replaced every 30 years. Make an appointment with a licensed friendly GEN3 electrician today to inspect your panel. He can perform any necessary tune-ups to extend the life of your panel and write you an estimate to replace it if the time has come for it. A new panel can also bring welcome upgrades to your home like increased capacity and superior grounding.


Rest easier knowing your electrical panel will look like this when GEN3’s finished with our work! Safe, modern and for the neat-freak in all of us a sight to behold. A 30-year investment in the future of your home's safety and upgradability.

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