Where Does GEN3 Call Home?


In the City of Neighborhoods that Philadelphia is known as, have you ever wondered which one GEN3 calls home? Quite a few of them actually between all our electricians, but GEN’s office is located in Grays Ferry, the western-most portion of South Philly. Grays Ferry is generally considered to be bordered between Washington and Snyder Avenues, and 25th Street and the Schuylkill River.

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Grays Ferry has long history dating back to the 18th century when its namesake George Gray operated a ferry across the Schuylkill where the Grays Ferry Bridge now stands. It’s transformed a great deal since then. From a blue-collar working class neighborhood of factories in the early 20th century to the economic blight much of Philly saw in the 1970s and 80s.

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 Theses days it’s seeing something of a renaissance as renewed interest in urban living brings people back from the suburbs looking for a home in the thriving heart of the city. Grays Ferry’s proximity to Center City, the spill-over effect of all the development in neighboring Point Breeze and large developments like Grays Ferry Crescent park and the soon-to-open Pennovation Center have all brought renewed attention to the neighborhood. GEN3 is proud to contribute to the neighborhood’s economic infrastructure by providing jobs in the area.

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Gray’s Ferry is where Marty and Remmy call home, sleeping in the office as our resident office-cats, while our employees come from all over the Greater Philadelphia area. Our human staff live as close as Grays Ferry itself and other South Philly neighborhoods like the Italian Market and Newbold,  farther out in Southwest Philly and in the surrounding suburbs like Upper Darby and even Plymouth Meeting. Between the lot of us, one of us is sure to be familiar with your own unique neighborhood in the Philadelphia area.

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Walter is GEN3's Graphic Designer, Webmaster and Assistant Manager of Operations. A man of many hats, who owns too many cats :3 He's learned a great deal about electrical service in his time at GEN3 and looks forward to learning more and sharing everything he learns.