Who Is Responsible For My Electrical Equipment?

If you’ve ever had downed power lines on your yard or a piece of electrical equipment like the meter outside malfunction, you’ve probably asked yourself, “who is supposed to take care of this?” Lots of homeowners think that since they didn’t personally cause the damages or because they didn’t install these pieces of electrical equipment themselves, that they are not responsible for any of it. That’s not always the case. See below to find out whether you, the homeowner is responsible, or if the power company will provide a solution.

down power lines

The Homeowner’s Responsibility

Any wires coming down from the power company’s main power supply to the electrical equipment on your property are in fact, your responsibility. This also includes the meter socket, but not the actual meter itself.

What does this mean for you?

If you notice damaged wires or wires that need repair on or around your electrical meter, you guessed it, you are responsible for having them fixed. It is important to note however, that electrical tape is NOT the solution! Your best bet is to call in an expert electrician and have them safely and efficiently correct the issue.

The Power Company’s Responsibility

Your responsibility ends, and the power company’s responsibility begins, at the weatherhead. If you’ve got damaged wires or a broken weatherhead (the rounded cap that sits on top of a metal pole extending from your roof where the utility’s service lines meet with your home’s service lines), the power company is responsible.

As a general rule of thumb, anything on the utility side of the weatherhead should be handled by the power company and anything on the house side of the weatherhead, excluding the actual meter, should be taken care of by a professional electrician.

Still not sure who is responsible for your homes electrical service, call GEN3 Electric to come out and look before you have to find out the hard and expensive way!