Why Are My Christmas Lights Blinking?

Christmas lights tangled

Feeling more like the Grinch than a happy elf this season? We’re sorry you feel that way and if it’s because your holiday decorations just aren’t performing up to your standards, we hope we can help turn things around. After all, blinking Christmas lights can be a real distraction and can even cause some more serious problems. See below to find out why your lights are blinking and what you can do to turn them into steady lights that are always either on or off.

Before we get into the details, we want to make sure you know that playing around with electricity and wires is dangerous. A simple misstep or brief distraction could potentially lead to electrocution and/or fires.

Replace The Bad Bulb(s)

In some strings of holiday lights, there’s one (or several) bulb in the line that is designed to twinkle. In most cases, these types of bulbs are marked or indicated with red or silver tips. All you need to do is find and replace these bulbs with regular bulbs that don’t blink.

Look For A Control Box

This method requires a bit more knowledge and expertise. Some strings of lights that blink are controlled by a box containing a number of electrical wires and an electrical board. You may need to disconnect the wires and splice them back together in order to get rid of the blinking.

It may be easier and more cost-effective to simply get rid of those lights and look for strings that don’t blink, instead.

Make Sure You’ve Got Enough Power

Sometimes, lights can blink, flash, or dim because they aren’t receiving enough power, or they’re receiving too much power. Make sure you follow the recommended guidelines and adhere to the “three strand maximum rule” when it comes to connected multiple strands together.

It’s also important to plug holiday lights directly into wall outlets or into tested and trusted surge protectors.

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