Why Are Smart Kitchen Appliances Still Not That Popular?

smart phone stove cooker

Smart kitchen appliances have consumer’s attention worldwide. However, with the ease of use and the ultra-convenience of these devices, why won’t consumers flock to the stores and buy them up? There is a high likelihood that the reason stems from privacy concerns for starters. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons why the popularity of smart appliances is not what the manufacturers had in mind.

The Lack of Popularity of Smart Kitchen Appliances

As with any other appliance in the house, the real purpose of any machine is to make life easier and to perform otherwise arduous chores as quickly as possible.

A smart kitchen, at least by description would mean a pared down list of kitchen chores for us humans, and more time to enjoy our other pastimes. Doesn’t that sound great?

On the surface, it sounds like the perfect solution to save time and energy if you ask us…

But, while the concept of a smart kitchen and a complete smart home seems practical, many people shy away from the pursuit of modern high-tech solutions for their home. One of the reasons stems from a lack of knowledge about what the devices can do and what they expect from them.

Privacy Concerns

Among the features of smart appliances, the ability to control the devices from our smartphones worry many people because of the possibility of sharing personal information with other companies without permission.

Have a smart home device in your own home? It’s crucial to read the device manufacturer’s privacy policy for more details.


Additionally, a real fear of hacking into private home networks persists among consumers making people hesitate when deciding to purchase a new device.

It’s true the devices come in handy with the maze of functions built into these modern gadgets, but still, people wait to embrace this new technology for the reasons explained above.

Problem Solvers

IoT (Internet of Things) devices exist to solve problems. Problems such as turning on lights with a smartphone and turning on the oven to preheat.

Consumers love the convenience, but why can’t the devices do more? Fortunately, manufacturers are paying attention and are hard at work creating better devices based on input from consumers.

So, will we one day see an influx of smart home kitchen appliances? We just might. But for now, we’re sticking with what we know – and that includes things like smart thermostats, lighting and fixtures!