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Why Do Some Spots Of My House Feel Cool, While Others Feel Hot?

Your home is your oasis, and you always expect it to be comfortable. But when the temperature in your home is unbalanced, you might find yourself feeling too hot one minute and reaching for your favorite sweater the next. Air conditioning problems can cause your house to be unevenly cooled, while drafty houses are more likely to experience cold spots.

Here are a few reasons why your home might have inconsistent temperatures between rooms and what you can do about it.

Your HVAC Unit is the Wrong Size

If your HVAC unit is too small, it has to work overtime to effectively heat and cool your home. On the other hand, an oversized HVAC system can produce too much heat or cool air, leaving your home’s temperature sporadically changing.

Having a professional take a look at your system and home structure will determine whether or not your unit is the right match.

Poor Insulation

Ductwork insulation ensures that there is minimal heat loss. If your ducts aren’t insulated properly throughout your home, certain rooms may wind up hotter or cooler than others.

If your home’s insulation is the problem, then you may experience greater heat loss in certain rooms with more windows or direct sunlight. Your air conditioner may not be able to properly accommodate this difference, resulting in a temperature difference.

You can reduce heat loss by installing energy-efficient windows, investing in thermal curtains and blackout blinds.

Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Serviced

Just like you need an annual check-up at the doctor’s office, your AC should be serviced every year. Routine tune-ups help catch potential problems and prevent damages as well as any inconvenience and discomfort.

Whether your Philadelphia air conditioning system is in need of a full-blown repair or just needs some tender loving care, the pros at GEN3 Electric & HVAC are ready to help. Call us today at 215-512-4102 to schedule your next appointment.

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