Why Do You Need Periodic Electrical Inspections?


At Generation 3 Electric, our highly skilled electricians perform a variety of electrical inspections every day. Knob and Tube Investigations are labor intensive inspections that we perform in many beautiful and charming old homes in and around Philadelphia. These are in high demand now because many insurance companies are denying homeowners coverage due to the prescence of this deteriorating, dangerous and obsolete wiring. 

Even if we visit a home for a lighting project, our technician will inspect the electrical system for safety. Recently, one of our master electricians was performing an evaluation of the grounding system during an inspection and found some issues.  

The photos below show his method of testing the grounding system and his comments follow.



"I try to make it a habit to check the grounding system in every property I visit using this method. Roughly 60% have issues of some kind, 20% are dangerous."
"The ground wire leaves the panel correctly, hits a ground Rod under the panel then works its way to the water meter, correctly. The corrosion was never removed from the pipe and the clamps are no longer electrically conductive. There is a section of BX leaving the panel that touches the water pipe which is transferring the current through the plumbing. Combine this issue with a complete loss of neutral and the BX will start to glow red at the contact point with the pipe and he'll will break loose. Perform this test in every home you are in and you will be surprised how often you see an early problem."
The same type of corrosion can be found in your electrical panel. You can have one of our electricians come and "tune-up" your panel by flipping the breakers, checking for corrosion and cleaning any that they find.
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