Why Does My AC Have Low Airflow?

Temperatures are above average and you’re running around like a nut all day trying to tackle all of the errands you’ve been putting off. You’ve got the A/C on in your car, but it isn’t helping much, especially because you’re constantly getting in and out to get what you need from each store. You can’t wait to be finished and to head back home to your cool, air conditioned house to take a load off.


But when you get home, you realize there’s only a weak stream of air coming through the vents. “Why,” is the only thing you can muster up as you lower your head down into your palms.

Why Am I Experiencing Low Airflow?

This is the term we assign to this problem in the hvac realm. Airflow is simply the amount of air that flows over the evaporator coil which is a crucial component of any air conditioning system.

When there’s not enough air flowing over the evaporator coil, it will lead to low airflow. In other words, you won’t feel that normal high pressured cool breeze you normally feel when the system is working at peak performance.

So, what can you do to fix the problem?

Here Are A Few Things You Can Do On Your Own:

  • Check the filter: a clogged, dirty or dusty filter will prevent air from flowing through the system freely. Think of it as suffocating your system’s equipment.

  • Clear the return: the return vents are where air is sucked back up from your living space into the air conditioning system and if these vents are blocked, you could experience low airflow. Be sure to remove any potential obstructions from the area around the return vents.

  • Straighten the ducts: your air ducts are the tubes that carry air throughout your home and if they’re crushed or kinked, airflow will be restricted. Locate your ducts and check to make sure they’re not crushed or smashed and that there are no kinks that could prevent air from flowing freely.

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