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Why Incorporate Outdoor Lighting?

The days of kitchens, dining spaces and lounging areas being contained inside the house are over. Today, lots of homes are equipped with outdoor spaces that are extensions of our favorite rooms inside. But there’s lots more to it than simply being able to extend your party well into the night — find out about the many ways you and your property can benefit from outdoor lighting, below!

Enhanced Aesthetics

Your yard is filled with nature and nature can be beautiful. Outdoor lighting can highlight special features, light up pathways and give your property a special energy that it wouldn’t have without it.

If you have architectural details you’re especially fond of, or you want to show off the garden you spend hours tending, outdoor lighting can call attention to these attractions.

Safety & Security

Let’s face it — it’s never settling to feel unsafe in or around your own home. Outdoor lighting can provide both safety and security features that make you feel more at ease.

Post-mounted lanterns, wall lights and step lights can help you navigate through the dark, especially when it comes to deck or patio stairs, walkways and driveways.

And when it comes to security, lights triggered by timers or by motion can help ward off intruders or pesky animals. Not to mention there are some models on the market that are quite stylish.

Increase Value

You may be familiar with the fact that increasing curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. With that said, adding the right lighting to exterior can make areas appear larger and more attractive and it can also add beauty and increase practicality.

Add a sense of safety to your home with outdoor lighting. Security and sensor lighting is a great way to keep your home safe and bright, even when you’re not there. GEN3 can also help customize any project to illuminate your outdoor living space. Call us today at 215-512-4102.

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