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Why Is My Hot Tub Control Panel Blank?

The control panel is basically the nucleus of any hot tub. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to manage the temperature, turn the jets on and off or set a timer. In other words, you’d essentially be left with a small pool or a large bathtub (depending on how you look at it) with water that is somewhat consistent with the air temperature. So, if you’re having trouble with the control panel of your hot tub, we’ve got some troubleshooting processes that will hopefully restore it to good working order.

No Control Panel Display

If the control panel isn’t displaying anything at all, you’ve definitely got an issue on your hands. The problem could either be with the actual control panel or with the circuit board that powers the panel. 

Step 1: Check to see if there is any moisture trapped inside the display. You should also look for cracked buttons or any other visible damage.

Step 2: If all looks good, aside from a blank screen, reset the spa controller. Power it down completely and then restart it.

Step 3: If that doesn’t resolve the problem, check the system’s wires. Make sure nothing is crimped, pinched or damaged.

Step 4: Inspect the power source at the transformer on the circuit board as well as the fuse on the spa control. 

Step 5: Reset the breaker the hot tub is connected to. Once it’s reset, turn the hot tub back on and the filter should start up and it should begin to heat up.

If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s best to call in an electrician. We’ll be able to diagnose the situation and correct any electrical or wiring issues associated with your hot tub.

Hot Tub Wiring in Philadelphia

Whether you’re looking to have a new hot tub installed, or to find a fix a problem with the one you already have, you’re in the right place. Call on the experts at GEN3 Electric & HVAC today at 215-512-4102.

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