Why is my Smoke Detector Chirping?


Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. No, that’s not the bird outside of your window in the morning, that’s the sound of your smoke detector. And this is a reminder that you should be checking the battery on it as well as the one in your carbon monoxide detector once a month. But let’s get back to that chirping noise - why is it doing that? Find out below:

To get right to the point, most of the time a chirping smoke detector is an indicator that the battery needs to be replaced. However, this is NOT the only reason a smoke detector will chirp!

Keep in mind that smoke detectors should NEVER be painted. This is very important and it’s printed on every smoke detector. Why can’t you paint it? Paint can prevent the alarm from sounding in a fire and let’s face it, nobody needs that!

To remove the detector you twist to the right (righty tighty, lefty loosy). It will drop down from the ceiling. To disconnect the detector from the 120 volts of power and the interconnect you need to pinch the White, Yellow and Black wires together. This will release the wiring harness.

If you don't feel comfortable replacing your detector yourself or you want to be sure that your smoke detector is doing its job, contact GEN3 Electric to make sure the only chirps you hear are the birds!

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