Why is my Thermostat Blank?

“Cause you’re hot, then you’re cold.” Sound familiar? That song was a top hit by Katy Perry, however, it shouldn’t remind you of your thermostat or the temperature inside your house. What could make it worse? You head over to your thermostat to adjust the temperature only to realize the screen has gone blank. This is the last thing you need, right?

blank thermostat.jpg

Contrary to popular belief, blank thermostats are quite common. There are a number of reasons why the screen could have gone blank – some more serious than others. Either way, here’s what you can do if nothing is showing up on the screen:

  • Check the unit and its batteries: if your thermostat runs on batteries, they may need to be changed. All you need to do is take the front plate and separate it from the wall plate. Once it is removed, change the batteries and reattach the front plate to the wall plate.
  • Check your circuit breakers: reset the circuit breakers as one of them may have tripped. This method should be used if the thermostat runs on the HVAC electrical system and not on batteries. Depending on the problem at hand, it could either be an issue with the connections or a different issue with the wiring. (Warning! Do not attempt to fix a wiring issue yourself as it can be highly dangerous.)
  • Check the safety sensor: many modern furnaces and/or air conditioners have what’s called a safety sensor that is automatically hooked up to your thermostat. Any issue the sensor detects, like temperatures and/or moisture that are abnormally high, can cause the system to shut down in order to prevent any further complications. On the other hand, the safety sensor can make mistakes too.

There you have it! If all else fails, be sure to contact GEN3 Electric for a qualified and experienced electrician or HVAC specialist. You will no longer be hot nor cold! Take THAT Katy Perry!