5 Reasons Why You Need Recessed Lights

  1. Recessed Lighting makes  rooms feel larger and  increases property value at resale.
  2. Recessed Lighting affects your mood and helps with Seasonal Mood Disorders.
  3. Recessed Lighting with a dimmer switch can set the desired atmoshphere in the room from bright and high energy to mellow and calm.
  4. Recessed Lights add visual interest to your walls with changes in color temperature of your paint.
  5. Receessed lights are unintrusive and can provide a layer of lighting without affecting you room decor.


Above is a set of pictures taken in during a rewire of a home in the University City (19104) or Poweton Village section of Philadelphia. The homeowner purchased this building and remediated the old Knob & Tube before they moved in.  The cost to rewire this home was approximately 6% of the sale price.  This customer also decided to modernize the space with recessed lighting.  The end result will be a more modern home with additional equity from the upgrades. 


During the rewiring of this home many small holes  were needed to be opened for the fishing of moderen electrical wiring.  This is an ideal time to add modern upgrades like lighting and internet wiring, when a home is transition.   There are a lot more than five reasons you need recessed lights.

What are your reasons?


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