Why You Need Ductless A/C This Summer


When it comes to living in an older home, the charm it provides is likely off the charts. But when it comes to keeping indoor temperatures comfortable, well, that can be a real struggle. Lots of older homes simply can’t support a full-fledged HVAC system and that’s where ductless heating and cooling comes into play. See below to find out why you need ductless air conditioning this summer:

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Keep That Historic Charm

Does the thought of having large shiny ducts installed in your home scare the daylights out of you? There’s no need to worry. With a ductless cooling system, you can update the hvac system of just about any older home while keeping the aesthetic just the way it is - charming.

(Duct)LESS is MORE

From the actual components of a ductless system, to the price and the energy consumption - less is most definitely more. More space, more money in your pocket, and more energy savings to be exact!

No Ductwork, No Problem

Many of the older homes in our area were built before heating and air conditioning systems were common. With that said, most of the older homes have no ductwork at all and retrofitting them would take away space and beauty. Who wants that? Unlike traditional HVAC systems, the footprint for a ductless system is quite small.

Don’t spend another day in your hot, humid Philadelphia home. Get in touch with the ductless HVAC specialists at GEN3 Electric today and be on your way to a cooler, more comfortable living space.

About The Author

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