Will a Ductless HVAC System Work in a Large Office?

Do you get caught in thermostat wars? You arrive in the office to find it too cold for comfort so, you turn the thermostat to a warmer setting. An hour later, someone complains it’s too hot while lowering the temperature to near chilling levels. Tired of the frigid air, you raise the temperature again only to find its been lowered a couple of hours later.

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Ductless Systems Provide Constant Comfortable Temperatures

Ideal for large office spaces, ductless systems are powerful, efficient, and quiet. They have the capacity to provide maximum comfort for productive working environments.

They automatically adjust to changing conditions as needed, eliminating office thermostat wars. That means constant comfortable temperatures for all your employees.

Ductless Systems Provide Both Heating and Cooling Options

Ductless splits, also referred to as “Mini Splits” operate using refrigerant that can be cooled or heated depending on the need. A wireless electronic temperature control system gives you the full ability to adjust the temperature settings accordingly.

In addition, the system monitors the space for changes in temperature and makes necessary adjustments to meet your desired setting.

Ductless Systems Provide Energy Efficiency for Your Office

Ductless systems are so much more efficient compared to traditional methods for heating and cooling large office spaces. Their ability to provide continuous temperature settings saves energy and in turn, saves you costs in heating and cooling applications.

Ductless Systems Provide Multi-Zone Coverage

Whether you are providing coverage for one large office space, or several rooms on your floor, ductless systems are ideal for multi-zone coverage.

These systems allow you to eliminate energy in rooms not used on a regular basis without compromising overall comfort to the more populated areas of your office.

Are you ready to prevent energy draining thermostat wars? Give GEN3 Electric a call today to design the ideal climate for your work space.