Wired Up For Autumn Chills


Summer’s barely over and Halloween decorations are already popping up in the stores. I love a good scare, but unsafe wiring is nothing to laugh over. It’s not just an unsightly mess, it can hide real dangers too.

messy_wires_1.jpe messy_wires_2.jpe
Below is an example of exposed wiring on old knob and tube wire. The cloth has completely worn away leaving the live wire itself exposed and in contact with the wood of the rafters. This is a fire hazard, and could go unnoticed if the wires in your basement look like a Halloween bowl of cold spaghetti noodles. A great parlor trick to entertain the trick or treaters, but not what you want live power running through in the basement of your home!


So stay safe and sleep easier this autumn as we enjoy the cooling fall temperatures and prepare to put a chill in the night for trick or treaters in October. Everyone loves a good haunted house, but only make-believe scary, not electrically scary.

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