Your Home Rewire Is Complete, What's Next?


Once your home rewire is complete, or more than 90% complete, it is time to order a Final Inspection. In some cases, we have already ordered a rough inspection toward the end of the rewire, in others, we left a couple holes unpatched for the inspectors for final inspection approval. 

At this time, GEN3 will send you a project invoice for payment. Some clients wish to hold back 10% of the total amount due until after final inspection, which is acceptable. Other clients just choose to pay the full balance as they know that we will ultimately pass inspection. If the inspector finds any issues, he will contact us and explain what needs to be done/redone. We must do what is necessary to receive our final inspection approval as this is the only way to close out our permit. If we do not get our permit closed out, our license is at risk. It is very rare that we do not pass inspection on the first visit, and the few instances are usually minor fixes.

This third party inspection assures that all the work completed was done properly and in accordance with current code standards. We will send a copy of the Final Inspection Approval to the homeowner along with their paid invoice and approved permit. These 3 documents should be saved as they will be important should you decide to sell your home. The paid invoice describes in detail all the electrical upgrades completed and the permit and inspection documents demonstrate that all the work was done properly by a licensed, insured contractor.

If there are a few loose ends remaining like a hole needing to be patched and/or some fixtures hung, we will schedule a project wrap up to assure that the project is complete to your satisfaction. 

If you are not painting yourself, now is the time to have the painters come to sand and touch up the patched areas. 

Congratulations! You have just made your home a much safer place for you and your family, as well as added value by upgrading your electrical system to modern safety standards. 

Below is a sample Final Inspection Approval and some rewire photos.

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