Your Indoor Lighting Plan Is More Important Than You Think

Your indoor lighting design is more than just a way to illuminate your home; it’s a way to maximize your home’s energy-efficiency. Though the thought of changing your lighting design may not be top-of-mind, that seemingly small change can have big impacts in the way that your home performs and the benefits you reap.

indoor lighting plan

Think About Quantity

As much as you may want your home to be bright and welcoming for you and your family, having more lights in any one space does not necessarily mean the space will be brighter. Focus instead on the quality of the light that you choose rather than the quantity, and you will see a real difference in the space.

Consider Function

A light located in a bedroom is not going to need the same level of brightness and the same quality of light as a one located in a rarely-used utility closet. You do not want to treat all the spaces of your house with the same level of light because you risk washing out the space and wasting energy.

Utilize Alternative Lighting

Ambient lighting is not always necessary in a space. If you can spare using a task light instead of ambient light, you can save energy and use the light for the purpose that it is intended.

Swap Out for Efficiency

Incorporating energy-efficient components to your lighting plan help you control and reduce the use of lighting when it is not needed. Implementing controls, like timers and dimmer switches, throughout your home with energy-efficiency in mind can make a real difference in the long run.

Don’t Forget Daylight

One of the easiest ways to maximize your energy-efficiency is to simply use the lighting that nature provides. By opening blinds, pulling away curtains, and arranging the home to bask in where the light peeks in can not only make the space appear larger, but can help you save on energy bills, too!

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