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One of the biggest responsibilities that a new parent will have is ensuring the safety of their little one, even in their own home. Of course, you cannot protect your child from all harm, since there are sure to be scraped knees, bug bites and other bumps and bruises. However, there are very real dangers that you can easily safeguard against.

One main danger to curious little ones is electric outlets. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your Philadelphia home is properly childproofed from shock and electrocution.

Click below to listen to our PodCast on Childproofing your electrical outlets (fast forward to 35 minutes into the show):

If you have an older home, contact G3E to inspect your outlets and be sure they are up to code and safe. Upgrading your outlets and their wiring at the electrical panel is the first step to electrical safety. Click here to find out more about upgrading your outlets...

The second, and most obvious step, is to cover empty electrical outlets with outlet covers. Little ones may try to stick things in the empty socket, which could lead to electrical shock. Small, plastic placeholders can be purchased at almost any retail or home improvement store. These placeholders will childproof the outlets and can be removed anytime when you need to plug in something.

Check out Generation 3 Electric's custom OGGI outlet covers below. Contact G3E today to install a tamper resistent outlet and get FREE Oggi outlet covers.

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To a child, electrical chords can look like something to play with or even chew on. In order to protect your child from this danger, make sure all cords are secure and out of reach. Cord keepers can be purchased that will stow away the excess slack in the electrical cords.

In the bathroom, make sure you have no small electrical appliances within easy reach of the bathtub. In addition, always unplug any of these small appliances when you are not using them. This would include hair tools like hairdryers, hot rollers, curling irons, beard trimmers, and shavers. With one quick tug, one of these tools could easily be pulled in the bathtub. 

In the kitchen, unplug any small appliances or put them away out of reach of children. For example, a plugged in toaster needs to be away from curious hands that could stick a fork in the electrical coils while trying to reach a toasted item.

Finally, do not leave a child unattended near a space heater or electrical fan. These two items pose a threat if the child where to try to reach into them or push a toy through the safety bars.

You can easily childproof your Philadelphia home against electrical shock. By taking simple steps to keep your little one away from possible danger, you will be able to enjoy their childhood without fear of danger from electricity.

Watch the below video on electrical safety from ESFi (Electrical Safety Foundation International).
Or visit the ESFi web site at: www.electrical-safety.org

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