• What is included in a Knob & Tube inspection? 

    • Are you Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

    • How Long Has your Company Been Around?

    • Where are You Located?

    • What is You Warranty Policy?

    • What Awards have you won?

    • I have a Federal Pacific Panel, Should I Replace It?

    • There is a Buzzing Sound Coming from Inside My Panel; What Should I Do?

    • My Panel Is Full; What are My Options?

    • Half The Power in My House is Out; What is Going On?

    • My Panel is Old; Does that Affect My Power Bill?

    • There is a breaker in my panel that is hot to the touch; is this normal?

    • My Panel is Missing Screws for The Cover; Where Can I Get New Ones?

    • My Ceiling is Finished and There Is No Attic: Can You Still Install Recessed Lights

    • Will My Ceiling be Damaged if I Get Recessed Lights Installed?

    • What Type of Lights Should I Get?

    • My Ceiling is Sloped; Can I Still Get Recessed Lights?

    • I Don’t Like The Look of My Current Recessed Lights; What Can I do?

    • One Recessed Lights Keeps Burning Out; What Can I Do?

    • I’ve Replaced The Bulb But The Light is Still Out; What Now?

    • What is a GFCI Device?

    • Why Have GFCI’s?

    • Where Should I Have GFCI’s Installed?

    • How Do I Know My GFCI’s are Working?

    • My GFCI Trips All The Time; is The GFCI Bad?

    • Does My House Need to be Rewired

    • How Do I Know If I Have Cloth Wiring?

    • Do I have to Remove My Sheetrock to Rewire My House?

    • Do I have to Remove My Sheetrock to Rewire My House?

    • How Long Does it Take to Completely Rewire a House?

    • What are The Benefits of a Completely Rewired House?

    • I have Two Prong Outlets; Can I just Replace the Outlets?

    • Why is my Smoke Detector Chirping

    • What Causes False Alarms


    • Why are my Smoke Detectors turning yellow

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About Generation 3 Electric:

Generation 3 Electric has been servicing the electrical needs of the Philadelphia metro area for three generations. We were voted Philadelphia Magazine's 2012 Best Electrician. Our trained electricians understand any issues you have with the electric in your Philly home. Our technicians specialize in repairing, updating and servicing your homes electrical wiring and lighting for indoor and outdoor residential buildings. They are trained to always respect your home and be mindful of your time. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Generation 3 Electric is fully licensed and insured. You will never get a machine when calling our office; a friendly voice will always be there to assist you. Gen3 is also a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor in Philadelphia. To learn more, contact us today.